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Separating Pups from Their Mothers Debate

Tizer when he got brought homeThere’s widespread debate over when you can, should and could take a pup away from their mothers. Granted, it’s all do to do with their health, natural milk being best and all that, but in all seriousness…that picture on the left is when wee Tizer came to his dads, and we all know, dads can’t give their pups milk.

This is a little different from getting pups from complete strangers, just because you noticed a cute and adorable picture of him/her, and just wanted to adopt the pup into your family.

The key difference to note, with our situation, is that we were in constant contact with the mother and owner of the father. So we knew the nature of the 2 dogs, and should Tizer have encountered any problems settling in with flash, his mother was only a short distance away.

So we took the chance and separated him from the litter of 8 pups, Diesel had. It took him out of an overcrowded situation, where pups were falling over each other for a feed, taking it’s toll on the mother.

What steps did it entail?

Blending pup food with goats milk for a couple of weeks.

If you’re going to be bringing a pup away from his/her mother, then they’re not going to get the full nourishment they’ll need. Therefore, pup food, mixed in with goats milk is an alternative you can use.

There’s going to be people reading this, disagreeing all over the place, that this is just blatantly wrong to do, but consider this…what happens when the mother’s are ill and can’t care for their young.

That’s the alternative that’s used. Bottle feeding goats milk and it’s even something vets would advise, given the circumstances are right.

If you’ve been looking up questions, like most do, Yahoo Answers comes up time and again, and why…your guess is as good as mine! There are no experts on the platform.

Here’s a typical example:

Q) Should i have taken my 4 week old puppy from its mother? My puppy eats puppy food and drinks water and goes to the bathroom regularly , sleeps all day and is up all night and whines and howls and it whines when i pick it up.

Answer – Chosen by voters!

No, actually you made a very bad mistake, taking a puppy from it’s mother that early, and whoever you got this puppy from, should have never let it go that early. That puppy, is way too young, and if you really love it, you will take it back where you got it. It whines and howls, because it needs it’s mom! It needs to stay with it’s mom and it’s siblings, for at least another 4 weeks, longer is better! 8 weeks at the youngest, 10-12 weeks is even better! It is actually against the law, to sell a puppy, before it’s 8 weeks old!”

5 week old staffy

Again…taking it back a notch. Tizer came to us at 5 weeks. One week later than the so called ludicrous time to take a pup away from his mother.

He’s healthy as ever, been to his check ups and there’s nothing wrong with him at all. In fact, it could even be said his nature outshines those of his siblings.

Not even 3 months old, and he no longer needs the puppy training mats. Took him off those last week, so even in emotional development, it’s certainly not hindered him.

The only thing it may have done, is given him more of an appetite. The older dog, Flash, has a terrible appetite. He’ll nit pick at his food. So we’ve got to watch Tizer isn’t pinching from his plate, although he’s getting better at leaving it alone.

Let’s hope that continues.

Anyways, the point is, if you feel that you can take your pup home, just be sure there’s the option to take them back to their mothers. In our situation, that wasn’t necessary, but one thing’s for sure and that’s that Flash (Tizers dad) had a major influence on him settling in.

Flash took to him straight away and still Tizer cuddles into him at night.

That’s the true nature of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Kind, gentle, compassionate, easy to train and a pleasure to be around. Treat them lovingly and they’ll reward you the same respect.

Comments are open, so feel free to drop a reply below and share your own thoughts.

‘Til next time.


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